At Hardings Steel, we have talked about the importance of keeping powerful tools in order to shape metal to the exact specifications needed for a job. Metal is a hard substance, which is why we use it to build our structures, but it is this very hardness that makes it difficult to work with and requires state-of-the-art technology to properly shape. When it comes to cutting metal, one method of separating metal is a water jet cutter. Water jet cutters are industrial tools capable of cutting even the hardest material, such as steel or granite. Used during fabrication of machine parts, it can cut down larger pieces of metal into the smaller ones necessary for intricate and detailed parts.

Since water jet cutting uses only water and sometimes other abrasive substances, it is useful when cutting machine parts because it does not generate heat. Metal, when exposed to heat, warps out of shape, and requires additional shaping in order to achieve its final shape. At Hardings Steel, our water jet cutter has a 10’0” x 5’2” cutting envelope and is fully capable of cutting even the strongest materials such as Stainless and Carbon Steel, Aluminum, Titanium, plastics, non-tempered glass, rubber, and wood. Since we spare no expense in our tools, the results are spectacular: the machine makes cuts within 3/100ths of an inch, allowing for unsurpassed precision.

At Hardings Steel, we are your metal fabrication shop of choice in North Vancouver. For all your metal project needs, our precision tools allow us to create parts to exact specifications, all while retaining the high durability and strength of steel.