When it comes to creating metal products, Hardings Steel is your choice for metal fabrication. Our specialty lies in delivering products on time and on budget, with all the expertise of 50 years of experience serving in the industry. When you come to us with a project, you can be assured that it will get done exactly to your specifications. Whether it’s detailed CAD design and installation or welding, we can get the job done with our top-quality workmanship.

At Hardings Steel, we know that the right equipment can make a huge difference in what we can create. It’s the difference between being able to make being able to make the small intricate metal parts that a machine needs and failing to do so. That’s why when we invest in the tools of our trade, we make sure that it is able to perform at the highest level that our skilled craftsmen demand. For instance, when we are tasked with creating small custom machine parts, our milling and lathe machine in our metal shop is the tool we use for the project. Our engineers will design a blueprint on the specifications of the part, program it into the machine, and our machine will do the rest, taking a piece of metal and cutting it into shape according to our blueprint.

Other examples of our tools involve machines that can bend metal into shape. This is our hydraulic press brake, which takes a sheet of metal and applies immense force in order to bend it. This allows us create large pieces of shaped metal that provide more structural integrity than if they were multiple pieces of metal welded into shape.

These were just a few of the examples of what our state-of-the-art tools can do.

Hardings Steel is located in North Vancouver and brings its expert metal fabrication services across the Lower Mainland.