One of the major benefits of steel is its strength and durability. It’s the reason we use steel beams to build the world’s tallest skyscrapers. However, that also means we require specialized equipment to manufacture steel products. The shears in our North Vancouver metal shop allow us to cut steel and various other metals without using heat.

How it works

Often Shearing is one of the first steps in the manufacturing process for a variety of metal projects. Just like scissors are used to cut paper, shears use cutting blades and substantial force to break the metal workpiece into smaller pieces. This allows our metal workers to remove excess material and create the initial shape of the part. Some other processes use lasers and plasma to make cuts. However, the heat involved can melt or burn the steel and distort the finished product. That’s why we use shears at our North Vancouver metal shop.

Increased Precision

While shears can create clean cuts without heat distortion, it is more difficult to make smaller cuts requiring a high-level of precision. That’s why Hardings Steel also offers leading edge Water Jet Cutting services out of our North Vancouver metal shop. This process uses pressurized water jets to make incredibly precise cuts to within 3/100ths of an inch, without running the risk of heat distortion. By offering both water jet cutting and shearing services, the expert metal workers at Hardings Steel are fully equipped to meet the exact specifications of your project.

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Rick Harris


"We have worked with Hardings Steel Company for 9 years now and are extremely happy with all the work they have installed around our complex."

Rick Harris, Superintendent, Building Services, North Vancouver Recreation Commission

Brent Comber


"Hardings Steel is reliable, efficient and highly skilled. We have worked with them for many years and depend on them to meet our needs with excellent service, from quote to finished product."

Brent Comber



"Love this company. We completely trust them when it comes to the handling and repair of our equipment. The quality of work is fantastic and the turn-around is always very fast. Can't say how much we appreciate the quick fixes and hard work put in. Darren is such a nice guy and we look forward to working with them for many more years to come! "

Bur-Han Garden & Lawn Care



"Hardings Steel Company is a reliable and quality fabrication/welding outfit. Darren and his team are there to help out and get the job done whenever we are in a pinch. I look forward to maintaining a good working relationship with Hardings Steel."

Tyler Johnston-Watson, Superintendent, Graham



"We have been very pleased with the service and products that Harding Steel has provided us over the past few years."

Mike Tooley, Operations/Warehouse Manager, Edgemont Moving & Storage Ltd.



"Precise, reliable, cost efficient. In the film industry there is no 2nd take when it comes to production. We need it now and it has to be right. Hardings Steel has consistently delivered the goods. "

Todd Brooks, Filmthropic


SOS Environmental


"For the past several years I have relied on Hardings Steel to help out with a variety of repairs and fabrications. I have always been treated with courtesy and the workmanship is first class."

Bob Lowden, SOS Environmental Inc.