In this blog we’ve mentioned several times about the strength of steel. It’s hardness and durability make it an ideal material for construction. However, it’s due to these characteristics that make working with metal harder than other materials. That’s why metal fabrication is something that is best left to experts, who are experienced with the methods of shaping metal, welding parts together, and operating the different types machinery used to precisely shape metal.

Enter our metal lathe machine.

So you’re looking for the intricate, detailed, and tiny parts of a machine for a project. You know the difficulty of shaping metal, but you need to make sure that the job is done correctly the first time, with no errors. At Hardings Steel, we can help. Our state-of-the-art milling and lathing machine allows us to manufacture custom parts exactly to its specifications. It does this by taking a larger piece of metal and cutting away parts of the material until the finished subpart is exactly the shape we need it to be.

With our metal lathe machine, no custom part is out of our reach. We are able to create three-dimensional parts of all shapes. When you give your specifications to us, we’ll create a detailed blueprint of the parts that you want using CAD design, then program it into our machine. From there, the machine will complete the project, creating the part in accordance to our blueprint. So if you want a quick turn-around with all the expertise of an expert, trust in us to deliver the metal parts that you need for your projects, made right the first time.

Hardings Steel is located in North Vancouver and serves in Vancouver and throughout the Lower Mainland.