When it comes to making the tiny, intricate parts that a machine needs in order to function, special machines are needed in order to create the precise cuts and shapes required. In order to create these parts, Hardings Steel turns to our special milling and lathe machine, a powerful tool that cuts metal into the exact shape demanded by our specifications. The result is a part that comes to order the correct shape every time. Machines require precision in their parts, otherwise failures begin, so our goal is to ensure absolute precision in our parts to prevent failures from happening in a machine’s lifetime.

The Machine

Mill and lathe machines are metal fabrication tools that work by using rotary cutters to remove material for a larger metal sheet in order to form the smaller final piece. The machine removes material by making many separate and small cuts while rotating the piece of metal and feeding it slowly through the machine. Our milling and lathe machine can even create detailed three-dimensional pieces, allowing all sorts of steel fabrication goals to become possible. To control the machine, our engineers begin by designing a blueprint that details the intricate parts of the machine. Once that is complete, we program the blueprint into the mill and lathe machine, which is then able to immediately form the part based on the specifications of the blueprint. The final result is a part that is perfectly cut and ready for use in your machine creation projects.

For all your metal fabrication needs, Hardings Steel works to provide. Located in North Vancouver, we bring our services across the Lower Mainland.